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X3 Farnham's Legacy
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Sector Depths of Silence

Sector "Depths of Silence" [Galaxy Map: 1, 17]
Security level:Core

Depths of Silence GatesXYZ
North gate:
South gate:
East gate:Dark Waters24,8940-21
West gate:

Stations in sector:
Royal Boron ShipyardBoron10,45,8-27,3
Military OutpostBoron-47,59
Boron Equipment DockBoron-104,1-21,1
Royal Boron Trading StationBoron8,9-10,5-17,8
Tomahawk Missile Manufacturing Plant alphaBoron12,37,4-2,3
Satellite Factory alphaBoron-5,42,8-7,8
Particle Accelerator Cannon Forge alphaBoron23010
Ion Disruptor Forge alphaBoron-31,10,612,2
Impulse Ray Emitter Forge alphaBoron2704,5
Image Recognition Production Complex alphaBoron-25,50-23,3
Heavy shield Production Complex alphaBoron-20,2-2,721,6
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility alphaBoron-23,4-0,21,3
Dumbfire Missile Production Complex alphaBoron-14,1-2,4-41,3

Asteroids in sector:
Silicon Wafers321,10,236,6
Silicon Wafers22-23,50-1,8
Silicon Wafers21-14017,8
Silicon Wafers17-20-0,4-36,6
Silicon Wafers1616,704,4
Silicon Wafers8-11,70,2-26,6
This list contains only those asteroids that can be used for mining.

Sector Map:
Sector width:     Sector height:

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