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X3 Farnham's Legacy
X3 Farnham's Legacy  


Sector Two Grand

Sector "Two Grand" [Galaxy Map: 11, 5]
Security level:Border

Two Grand GatesXYZ
North gate:
South gate:Profit Center Alpha00-70,56
East gate:
West gate:Patriarch's Keep-70,5600

Stations in sector:
Teladi Space Equipment DockTeladi4,1-10,82,2
Teladi Trading StationTeladi-14,9-9,8-18,6
Solar Power Plant M betaTeladi25,23,541,2
Solar Power Plant L alphaTeladi-36,68,629,8
Light Weapons Complex alphaTeladi6,55,24
Light shield Production Complex alphaTeladi37,3-4,70
Impulse Ray Emitter Forge betaTeladi49030,6
Impulse Ray Emitter Forge alphaTeladi57,1-017,9
Heavy Weapons Complex alphaTeladi25,1-4,3-17,8
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility betaTeladi-3,15,6-9,9
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility alphaTeladi-14,55,6-2,9
Concussion Impulse Generator Forge alphaTeladi14,80-27,5
Computer Plant alphaTeladi35,4-0,2-21,7

No asteroids.

Sector Map:
Sector width:     Sector height:

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