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X3 Farnham's Legacy
X3 Farnham's Legacy  


Sector Akeela's Beacon

Sector "Akeela's Beacon" [Galaxy Map: 9, 8]
Security level:Border

Akeela's Beacon GatesXYZ
North gate:
South gate:Legend's Home01,062-77,596
East gate:
West gate:Aladna Hill-63,7200

Stations in sector:
Teladi Trading StationTeladi-6,4030,1
Free Argon Trading StationOTAS-28,50-17,4
Solar Power Plant XL alphaOTAS61,54,17,3
Solar Power Plant M deltaOTAS17,46,165,5
Solar Power Plant M betaOTAS55,96,730,7
Solar Power Plant L gammaOTAS44,45,853,9
Mass Driver Forge alphaOTAS20,2035,1
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility alphaOTAS4,30-42,5
Flail Missile Production Facility alphaOTAS-9,60-11,7
Dumbfire Missile Production Complex alphaOTAS1705,3
Cluster Flak Array Forge betaOTAS-48,5-2,415,1
Cluster Flak Array Forge alphaOTAS-34022,3

No asteroids.

Sector Map:
Sector width:     Sector height:

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