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X3 Farnham's Legacy
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Sector Priest Rings

Sector "Priest Rings" [Galaxy Map: 3, 9]
Security level:Core

Priest Rings GatesXYZ
North gate:
South gate:
East gate:Priest's Pity36,785-4,810,4
West gate:Paranid Prime delta-36,78500

Stations in sector:
Paranid Trading DockParanid2,5-2,39,7
Weapon Component Factory alphaParanid-31,55,5-12,9
Tomahawk Missile Manufacturing Plant alphaParanid12,1-1,125,3
Phased Shockwave Generator Forge alphaParanid-2,2-10,9-10,8
Light Weapons Complex alphaParanid22,4-4,219,4
Lasertower Factory alphaParanid-22,9-0,2-23,5
Heavy shield Production Complex alphaParanid-27,6-2,317,3
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility alphaParanid20,71,2-12,3
Dumbfire Missile Production Complex alphaParanid27,37,7-4,1
Concussion Impulse Generator Forge alphaParanid-16,5-1,423,2

Asteroids in sector:
Silicon Wafers8-11,6-5,525,6
Silicon Wafers5-10,910,431
Silicon Wafers4-17,5-10,432,2
Silicon Wafers3-3,5-1,422,4
This list contains only those asteroids that can be used for mining.

Sector Map:
Sector width:     Sector height:

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