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X3 Farnham's Legacy
X3 Farnham's Legacy  


Sector Homily of Perpetuity

Sector "Homily of Perpetuity" [Galaxy Map: 12, 10]
Security level:Core

Homily of Perpetuity GatesXYZ
North gate:
South gate:Acquisition Repository330-46,5
East gate:
West gate:Ianamus Zura delta-3500

Stations in sector:
Teladi Trading StationTeladi14,52-32
Weapon Component Factory alphaTeladi271,3-10,8
Solar Power Plant XL alphaTeladi280,725
Solar Power Plant M gammaTeladi3,45,6-7,6
Solar Power Plant M betaTeladi100,23,5
Solar Power Plant L deltaTeladi-12,610,6
Quantum Tube Fab betaTeladi2707
Quantum Tube Fab alphaTeladi-15,710,424,9
Heavy Weapons Complex alphaTeladi-9,51-13,5
Heavy shield Production Complex alphaTeladi-5,508,5
Chip Plant betaTeladi-1,5-10,633,3
Chip Plant alphaTeladi7,5-1,217,5

No asteroids.

Sector Map:
Sector width:     Sector height:

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