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X3 Farnham's Legacy
X3 Farnham's Legacy  


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X3: Farnham's Legacy Database

    X3FL Ships
    X3 Farnham's Legacy ships database with search. Here you can find technical data, space ship specifications and screenshots.

    X3FL map
    Use X3: Farnham's Legacy map and find information about all sectors.
    Click on the sector name to find stations, wares and asteroids.

    Ware search
    Here you can find where to buy wares. Stations, sectors, ratings, prices and its location on the map.

    Stations search
    Find stations and see its location on the X3 Farnham's Legacy map.

    Asteroid search
    Find any asteroid on the X3 Farnham's Legacy map.

    Information about space ship lasers.

    Information about space ships missiles.

    Factories, mines, plants
    X3 Farnham's Legacy station characteristics: factories, mines and plants.

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